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This is one of the key services company, the company has the outstanding team, import agent for customs clearance cargo involving large equipment, machinery, instrument, wood, bulk, red wine, chemicals and raw materials, etc. Especially for the dangerous chemicals aspect of the import customs clearance, The company can provide customers customs clearances of Liquid bulk, Buchets, Solid bag, etc. In Ningbo Port. And our team also have professional Declaration, Inspection, Qualified inspection personal on order to provide high-quality services to our customers. Thanks to years management, Our team has been establishing good relationship with related Port sector, Customs, Inspection (including SCG, CCIC, etc), Shipments, Tanks company (Jing hailing, Chenling, Qinzhi liquefied pier etx.), Dangerous goods warehouse, which our team can lay a good foundation for providing unparalleled customer services. The operation of chemical varieties are: toluene, Ethylene glycol, Ethylene diamine, PTA, MDI, TDI, Acrylic acid and N-butyl alcohol, Isobutyl alcohol, etc. Import and export goods of general trade, processing trade import and export goods, bonded goods, bonded goods transit, international transit goods have skilful operation experience.